NEW RELEASE! Visions of Virtue

L753I have a relative who, though an avid reader, refuses to touch fiction books. “Why do I need to read about some imaginary person and her issues?” she says. “There are enough issues going on in real life for me to think about!”

To which I reply, “To each his own.” I personally love a good novel—I find it’s the best way to distract myself from thinking about my own, real-life “issues,” and in my opinion, a good distraction from life’s problems is sometimes a very healthy thing—but I can certainly hear her side of the coin, too.

In any case, she’s got no reason to fear a dearth of reading material in the Jewish non-fiction market. These days, there are so many true story books, non-fictional memoirs, and biographies out there in the Jewish bookstores…and, of course, now she can add another fantastic non-fiction book to her pile, as well: Visions of Virtue, by masterful storyteller Rabbi Yosef Weiss.

Rabbi Weiss and his writing really need no introduction. As the author of the wildly popular Visions of Greatness series (CIS Publishers), Rabbi Weiss knows how to tell a good—and true—story.

In the pages of this new, soon-to-become-a-bestseller, short story book, you will read many fascinating accounts of real people and their very real lives. You’ll read about an unlikely car mechanic who saves the day—or rather, the night—for an askan in need…and about a Hatzolah member who was “accidentally” called instead of a hotel’s front desk—thereby enabling him to save the life of a young boy…and dozens of more inspirational stories. And they are all 100% true!

So whether you are like my non-fiction-biased relative, or you are an indiscriminate bookworm who will read just about anything you can get your hands on, here’s a book you won’t want to pass up. Visions of ViruteA collection of elevating stories… It’s sure to elevate any reader’s day.

Click here to purchase online.

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