L757“Ah, those were the good old days!”

How many folks (usually those aged forty and up) have been guilty of uttering these words? And the truth is, there is truth to these words—so if you’ve been accused of saying them, there’s really no reason to feel any guilt.

Somehow, in the “old days” (which, by the way, is a relative term—something I’ve come to realize as I’ve gotten older), things were more simple, more sturdy, and of better quality. (Think: your Bubby’s old green sofa that you wish would fall apart so she’d get rid of it—but it just aint happening any time soon…)

The written word, too, was often like that. A few decades ago, there wasn’t that much by way of Jewish reading books and magazines, but what there was, was generally good, wholesome, quality reading material.

Take Light Magazine, for example. Mention the title to an avid reader of thirty or forty years ago, and chances are you’ll see an immediate smile break out on his or her face. The stories in Light were well-written, thought-provoking, and just plain fun to read—and people loved them.

And now, Israel Bookshop has captured some of that nostalgic past by publishing Light!–a collection of stories from those same favored magazines of yesteryear! And lest you think this book will only be liked by your Bubby and Zeidy, but not by you, young spring chicken that you are—well, at Israel Bookshop, we’ve come to learn the literature tastes of all age groups, and we can assure you that Light! is a book that will become a fast favorite among today’s teens and young adults, too.

(Though, yes, Bubby and Zeidy will probably also be hooked on this book, and if you’re thinking of buying a nice gift for them, Light! is a wonderful option. As you know, a little Light goes a long way in expelling the darkness…)

Click here to purchase online.

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