New Release! U Turn

L763As the autumn months slowly turn into winter, there’s nothing more tantalizing than slipping under the covers with a good book.  Teenagers, this one is for you! Told from the perspective of three very different narrators, U-turn is the mesmerizing story of true friendship and change. The all-American Margaret Miller has been blessed with a spunky and exciting personality, but when things come crashing down, so does her core self. As Margaret and her newfound best friend Shiffy deal with their issues simultaneously but individually, readers are drawn into an exciting world of intrigue and adventure, spurred on by Margaret’s kid brother Henry.

If you’re expecting a straightforward story of teenage friendship and adventure, be prepared for surprises. For one thing, Margaret’s older sister Julie is dealing with some issues of her own—which don’t always jive with a straightforward plot of friendship and growth. Julie is one of the narrators of this story, and her tale is quite the fascinating one. But then again, so is Margaret’s…and so is Shiffy’s…

Authored by popular teen author, Chaya Sara Ben Shachar, this book is a solid read. So what are you waiting for? The autumn winds? The winter snow? Pick up a copy of U-Turn, get yourself comfy, and be prepared to enter the world of three very different teens.

Click here to purchase online.

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