New Release: Dreams Delayed

L762You know those books that are real tear-jerkers, the ones that could move even the most indifferent of readers and turn them into a bowl of mush? Yeah, well, this novel is exactly like that.

When reading Dreams Delayed, be sure to set yourself up first with a big box of tissues—trust me, you’ll need it! Between the happy moments and the sad ones traversing the chapters, the emotion running throughout this book is buzzing and ALIVE, and you will feel it!

You’ll read about Ayala, who’s on cloud nine about her engagement to Bentzy, “the best boy in the universe”…until a terrible tragedy sends her plummeting down, down, down, straight into a black abyss, from where she watches her hopes and dreams dissipate into thin air. You’ll read about Gavi, a teenager in pain—on two accounts. And then there’s Batsheva, and Mrs. Kramer, and Shuli, and of course Shaya…and all the rest of the very realistic characters who breathe life into this masterpiece of a novel and give it its stunning and oh-so-compelling quality.

Dreams Delayed will not only provide you with lots of reading pleasure—it will actually be an experience for you, one that you will not soon forget. Enjoy!

Click here to purchase online.

2 Responses to New Release: Dreams Delayed

  1. Tova Medetsky says:

    A delightful read!
    Terrific gift for your friends , co-workers, and family members for upcoming Chanuka presents!
    Ariella Schiller writes easily and creates characters who are believable, and one easily gets absorbed!
    One of the most enjoyable I’ve read in a while!

  2. Shir says:

    I’ll vouch for the description of this book!
    I got hold of this book within days of its release and read it in 2 sittings! I got so emotionally involved with the characters, I really felt with them as they grew through Life.

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