NEW RELEASE! Sat on a Hat

C415It’s one of the most amazing sights to watch: the moment when the light bulb goes on in your child’s head and she realizes that the ABC’s she has learned can actually join together with each other to form words—and that she can actually read those words! C-A-T spells cat. R-U-N spells run.

At this point, the best present you can give your child is a book full of such words—a book that she can read all by herself.

And that’s exactly what Sat on a Hat is. It’s an adorable I-Can-Read-Myself book that tells the funny tale of a boy who gets his first black hat—and then loses it. Now it’s up to the boy to search all over town and try to find his missing hat.

The pictures are colorful and engaging, drawn by well-known illustrator Dena Ackerman, and the clever rhyming text, written by none other than Bracha Goetz, popular author of dozens of children’s books, will make your beginner reader grin with excitement as she sees: Hey, I can read this book all by myself!

Of course this book is not in the purview of first-grade children alone. Younger children who have not yet learned to read will enjoy this book, too, as you sit and read it to them.

So no matter what the ages of your little ones, Sat on a Hat is a wonderful way to invest in their enjoyment of books and reading in general. Keep in mind that frum I-Can-Read-Myself books are hard to come by, so it would be wise to go out and buy your copy now, before they all sell out…

Click here to purchase online.

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