NEW RELEASE! A Story! with Rabbi Juravel 3: Shalom and Simchah

C417Shimmy and Bayla are at it again. Today  it’s about who gets to sit in the coveted red chair for supper; yesterday it was about who got their bedtime story read to them first; and last week it was about…oh, who even remembers what last week’s fight was about? Whatever petty issue it was, it was enough for Shimmy and Bayla to bring out the war troops and launch into a full-blown attack on each other, right in the Bergers’ very own living room.

When will these kids learn to have shalom, and to be happy with what they have, without always looking over their shoulder at what the other one got? Mrs. Berger wonders to herself in exasperation. I wish there was someone who could really teach them about the importance of shalom and simchah. What peace of mind and joy that would bring me!

Well, Mrs. Berger, you wish has just come true! Rabbi Juravel, everyone’s favorite storyteller, is back once again, ready to teach your children all about these golden middos—and help them behave with such middos, too!

A Story! with Rabbi Juravel 3: Shalom and Simchah has just been released, and, like the other books in this series, it’s bound to become a fast favorite among young readers. Who can resist the wonderful stories Rabbi Juravel tells over, and the charming, inimitable style in which he says them? He really has a way with kids, and these books are the perfect venue for teaching impressionable children the proper way to act.

There’s a reason kids keep clamoring for more Rabbi Juravel books. Buy A Story! with Rabbi Juravel 3: Shalom and Simchah—and you’ll see for yourself!

Click here to purchase online.

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