NEW RELEASE! Step by Step Reading Series – Shrink Wrapped Set

C418Are you always on the look-out for a great metziah? An excellent gift item that you could buy at an even better price?

Well, if the person you’re looking to buy a gift for happens to be a child who’s just learning to read…boy, have we got a terrific metziah for you!

Announcing the Step-by-Step Reading Series gift pack—6 books for the price of 5!!

Yes, you read that right! While every book in this delightful I-Can-Read-by-Myself series is a gem of its own, with each one focusing on a different member of the lovable Bookman family as well as on a different Yom Tov, a complete set of all six books is a gift of unparalleled distinction. And if you, the gift-giver, can get away with buying the set at such an unbelievable bargain…well, you gotta admit, it’s a deal you simply can’t turn down!

The popularity of this series lies in the fact that these books were designed to parallel the standard curriculum goals set in place in the school system, while providing fun and culturally appropriate stories for your budding reader at the same time. There are not many frum I-Can-Read-by-Myself books out there, and the Step-by-Step Reading Series books really took parents and educators by storm with their delightful way of building and enhancing children’s reading skills.

Take advantage of this offer now, and buy your beginning reader a gift he or she is sure to love!

Click here to purchase online.

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