NEW RELEASE! Halachically Speaking vol. 5

L779“The Halachos of Chocolate”

Well, if that chapter title didn’t just get your mouth to water…!

What kind of halachah sefer has such a chapter title in it—you want to know? It’s Halachically Speaking, of course!

For Halachically Speaking fans, chapters like “The Halachos of Chocolate,” “All About Medications in Halachah,” and “The Halachos of Bal Tashchis” come as no surprise. That is author Rabbi Moishe Dovid Lebovits’s style—and it’s what endears his series of halachah books to so many readers.

Rabbi Lebovits has a knack for zeroing in on those hard-to-find halachos on daily living, then researching the different opinions of the poskim on those halachos, and finally presenting his readers with these findings—all wrapped up in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand format.

Halachically Speaking 5 follows in the footsteps of its beloved forerunners, volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4. In addition to the above-mentioned chapters, it includes chapters on the halachos of maris ayin, waiting between eating hard (aged) cheese and meat, the halachos pertaining to a person’s seat, and much, much more!

And for all those wondering exactly what is included in the chapter titled, “The Halachos of Chocolate,” well, you’ll just have to see Chapter 6 in this book to find out!

Click here to purchase online.

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