NEW RELEASE! Midnight Music

L778Moving to a new city is always a big adjustment, but moving when you’re a teenager? Forget it!

Yet no one is giving Tehilla Sherman a choice in the matter, and so, when circumstances force her family to relocate from their small town in New Jersey to a new home in New York City, Tehilla finds herself living in an unfamiliar, new house and attending an unfamiliar, new high school—whether she likes it or not.

And if all this isn’t bad enough, Tehilla also has to contend with unexpected feelings of jealousy toward Russian-born Galia, who lives locally. As Galia begins to feel strongly attracted towards her unknown Jewish heritage, she grows close to Tehilla’s mother and her older sister Chana Ora.

Both Tehilla and Galia find themselves facing difficult challenges: Tehilla feels lost and lonely at her large new school. Galia, whose mother is leaving her behind with her aunt, in order to attend medical school in Chicago, also faces losing her BFF Katie, due to her negative attitude toward Yiddishkeit.

Tehilla’s one consolation at this tumultuous time is her music—and then she discovers that Galia, too, is a “music person.” A precious new friendship slowly begins to blossom, to the accompaniment of sweet notes of piano music being played at midnight

Midnight Music is a story every teenager will relate to. It explores complex relationships and intricate choices, and will strike a chord in your teen’s heart.

With Pesach vacation right around the corner and lots of reading time ahead, why not pick up a copy of Midnight Music for your teen—or yourself—today?

Click here to purchase online.

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