NEW RELEASE! A Journey with Rabbi Juravel 5

c443Have you met Berel and Breindy Adler yet? Oh, you know who I mean—those irresistible characters in the A Journey with Rabbi Juravel series, the ones who are always getting themselves into really whacky adventures while learning important lessons? If you still don’t know who I’m talking about, you ought to do something about this! A great place to start would be by reading A Journey with Rabbi Juravel 5: The Case of the Greedy Gorillas.

In this exciting book for tweens (and really any-aged fan of Rabbi Juravel’s—we know you’re out there!), readers are treated to an array of seriously imaginative and suspenseful stories about Berel and Breindy Adler and friends. As always, Rabbi Juravel knows exactly how to keep a kid’s interest while simultaneously implanting great values in him.

So join the fun! A spectacular reading adventure awaits you in this book!

Click here to purchase online.

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