NEW RELEASE! Just Imagine! We Beat the Greeks

c442Kids and comics books. Whoever first redt the shidduch between the two sure knew what they were doing! I see this firsthand each time I catch sight of my neighbor’s kids—very active preteen boys—sitting on their front porch, engrossed in—what else?—a comics book.

But nothing prepared me for the excitement a new Just Imagine book would generate on the block! As soon as the news broke that our family had the Just Imagine Chanukah book (We Beat the Greeks), my house became instantly popular! The knocking on the door wouldn’t let up—“Can I borrow your book?” “When will it be my turn for it?”

Mind you, my own kids wanted to read the book, too—so suffice it to say, we had to do a lot of schedule juggling and turn-taking to make everyone happy!

My advice to all those kids who had a long wait, and to all of you readers who want a fantastic, spine-tingling yet wholesome, frum comics book for your kids: Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Jewish bookstore, and pick up a copy of Just Imagine—We Beat the Greeks for yourselves! As you read this amazing, true-to-life rendition of the Chanukah story, you’ll see exactly why this book is such a hit…

Click here to purchase online.

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