Recent Release: The Lonely Shul

…I finished The Lonely Shul tonight. What a beauty! It was interesting to get to the bottom of who Luzer was. The part about him davening in the forest gave me chills… Thank you for providing me with an incredible reading experience that lifts me up each time anew and always gives me new perspectives on age-old Torah concepts…

Just another one of the many, many fan letters sent regarding Rabbi Gottesman’s books, and his latest novel, The Lonely Shul, is no exception! Beautifully written, uplifting, entertaining…The Lonely Shul fits right in with the rest of this immensely popular author’s works. Although this book was actually geared to tweens/teens, so many adults have read, enjoyed, and gained inspiration from it, that we, as the book’s publisher, simply throw up our hands and admit defeat: with Rabbi Gottesman’s books, there is no limiting audiences or genres; literally everything goes!

See what so many readers are wild about, and join the Gottesman fan bandwagon! Trust us, your reading pleasure will forever be enhanced!

Click here to purchase online.

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