NEW RELEASE! I Can’t Wait for Shabbos!

“Shabbos is coming, we’re so happy, we’re gonna sing and shout out loud…”

It’s the same song every Friday, in every Jewish playgroup and preschool around the world. But b’mechilas kvodo of Uncle Moishy, who’s the undisputed king when it comes to catchy music for kids, it’s not just the song that sends ripples of excitement through all those little children week after week. It’s Shabbos itself, that magical day that uplifts and exhilarates us all, no matter how old or young we may be.

And when your kids are excited about something, you’re sure to be hearing about it all week long—quite literally. Which is why you’ll appreciate our new book, I Can’t Wait for Shabbos!

In this fun and very age-appropriate book for children, parents can read to their kids in rhyme what we do each day of the week for Shabbos, as our excitement for the special day builds up. Woven into the storyline of the book is what the great Shammai from the Mishnah would famously do, in his anticipation for Shabbos all week long.

For parents looking to instill in their kids a love for Shabbos, and for those looking to build on an already existing enthusiasm for the holy day—this is a book you’ll want to buy.

Click here to purchase online.

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