NEW RELEASE! Silver Linings

You’ve had one of those days. The kids were at each other’s throats the whole afternoon, milk and apple juice spilled like Niagara Falls during supper, the dishes and laundry are competing for which looks more like Mt. Everest, and the baby, sick with another ear infection, has been kvetching non-stop. You feel like a used dishrag.

Oh, and of course, Pesach is in three weeks. (In case you forgot.)

You know what you need right now? (Well, besides for 2 Advil and a bar of chocolate. And a few hours of cleaning help thrown in, too.)

A delicious book of fiction short stories from Bracha Rosman. Something like Silver Linings.

Yup, I tell you, it works every time. (That’s right, I speak from experience.) There’s nothing that rejuvenates a worn-out woman the way a good book can. You burrow under a warm, fuzzy blanket on the couch, keep a mug of hot cocoa and some snacks (remember your chocolate bar?) at your side, and flip open to a new story.

Ahhh… Feel the stress melting away?

And this book contains many juicy, beautifully-written stories in it, by the way—so the therapy is good for at least a couple dozen of your tough days!

What is it about Bracha Rosman’s stories that have this amazing power to recharge you? Is it the author’s high-quality writing? Her realistic portrayal of life’s issues? Her true-to-life characters? The positive approach with which she treats each of her stories?

Whatever it is, you don’t argue with success! And that’s just what Silver Linings is.

Pick up your copy now, so you’ll have it on hand when you need it most! And…take a deep breath (don’t worry, the dishes, laundry, and Pesach cleaning are not running away!), relax…and enjoy!

Click here to purchase online.

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