NEW RELEASE: Chafetz Chaim Haggadah

It’s a week to Pesach, and you’re perusing the book ads in one of the Jewish magazines, wondering what’s the latest and greatest out on the market this season.

Children’s books for afikomen presents…bumper novel to curl up with during the long Yom Tov afternoons…new Pesach cookbook (“You’ll never guess these recipes aren’t chametz-dik!”)…they’re all there. And then there are the haggadahs.

My goodness, there are so many of them! And all of them with commentary by such great Torah leaders. How to choose which new one to buy to grace your Seder table this year?

And then you see it—The Chafetz Chaim Haggadah. Immediately your decision is made—of course you will go with this one! After all, the Chafetz Chaim is the Chafetz Chaim! He was the saintly tzaddik and leader of his generation, and even nowadays Klal Yisrael continues to be nourished by his holiness and his Torah… And just this year, a haggadah has been published with the commentary of the Chafetz Chaim himself!

The real question is—what took so long for this haggadah to make its appearance?? (The answer to that, by the way, is because writing this sefer entailed hunting down all the vertlach and lessons from the Chafetz Chaim on different aspects of Pesach and the Seder, and then compiling them together into a haggadah—no small job at all.)

But it’s out on the market now, and what a beauty it is, in every respect! It’s a given, of course, that the contents are dazzling, but aesthetically the book is quite a masterpiece, too. So whether you’re looking to be inspired by the Chafetz Chaim’s divrei Torah yourself at the Seder, or you want to present someone with an extraordinarily handsome gift this Pesach—The Chafetz Chaim Haggadah is exactly what you are looking for.

Click here to purchase online.

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