NEW RELEASE! Matriarch of King Dovid’s Dynasty

Megillas Rus. We read it in shul every Shavuos, the yahrtzeit of Dovid Hamelech, Rus’s descendant. But who was this righteous convert named Rus? How did a former Moavite princess merit to become the wife of the Shofet Yisrael and the matriarch of the Davidic dynasty, culminating in Melech Hamashiach? Clearly, there are layers and layers of meaning behind this well-known story.

For decades, students and educators alike have turned to Rav Gershon Weiss’s works in an effort to understand cryptic stories and episodes in Tanach and Jewish history, and the story of Rus is no exception. In Matriarch of King Dovid’s Dynasty, Rabbi Weiss takes us through all of Megillas Rus with an extensive and enlightening commentary. Drawing upon numerous mefarshim, this book will help you understand the amazing story of Rus with an incredible clarity and understanding of the significance of each event that occurred.

Have you always wondered about the Moavite princess-turned-convert-and-tzaddeikes, from whom Dovid Hamelech emerged? After reading this beautiful book, you will no longer be left wondering. Indeed, you will be privy to an absolutely stunning swatch of history, one which hasn’t yet finished being woven…

Click here to purchase online.

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