NEW RELEASE! Middos Man 4: Different Doesn’t Matter

The snowy weather may be clearing up (and not a moment too soon, right?), but when MiddosMan is out riding his MiddosCycle through the snow, racing to answer an ahavas Yisrael emergency call—whatever the weather, your kids will be hooked!

I speak from experience. Scarcely had I entered my home, holding MiddosMan 4 aloft, when I was almost knocked over by a horde of neighborhood children (mine among them), all shouting, “Hey, MiddosMan! A new MiddosMan book!”

Yeah, it’s a popular series.

The MiddosMan books have all the components necessary to become instant favorites of your children: adorable stories; glossy, high-quality illustrations; the read-along musical CD; excellent lessons…these books have it all! It’s no wonder the MiddosMan books fly off the bookstore shelves (no MiddosCopter or MiddosCycle needed here!) faster than they can be restocked!

Don’t let your kids be left out of the fun! Pick up your copy of MiddosMan 4: Different Doesn’t Matter for them today!

Click here to purchase online.

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