NEW RELEASE! All Aboard to Fairville

“It’s not fair!”

Is this a common refrain among your children? Do you find yourself grimacing when, once again, one child gives you a whole earful about how many more chores she has than her sister, and why did you ask her to set the table and not someone else, etc., etc., etc.?

Don’t worry—you’re in good company! The “It’s not fair!” complaint has got to be one of the most popular ones among kids, and that’s exactly what the story All Aboard to Fairville, written up in beloved author Rachel Stein’s newest anthology for young readers, addresses.

In this fun book specifically intended for 2nd to 4th graders, kids will meet lots of friends with issues and complaints just like their own—and they’ll see how these characters work to solve those issues and stop those kvetches, too! Written in large font, and with plenty of terrific illustrations, the book is perfect for kids who have just learned to read and now want to enjoy the skill, too.

So go ahead—introduce your kids to Shifra, Avigayil, Eli, Noach, and all the others in All Aboard to Fairville and Other Stories, and let their reading pleasure begin!

Click here to purchase online.

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