NEW RELEASE! Manny in a Pickle

The email I received left me open-mouthed. It was from an acquaintance of mine who is familiar with our new children’s book, Manny in a Pickle.

Did you hear in the news about the man in Wendy’s who threw his salad at the waitress and said he wished he had a knife or gun to finish her off –because his salad didn’t have enough cucumbers???  (He was charged with several crimes.)  I think the world at large could use a dose of Manny too!! 

How right she is, I mused. Look what happens when we don’t teach our kids to accept disappointments and “no’s” when they’re young—they can become overgrown kids who are still unable to go through life’s ups and downs like mentchen.

This is exactly the message brought out in Manny in a PickleBut don’t expect to be hit over the head with the lesson in this book—the book is way too much fun for that! Instead, readers will absorb the crucial lesson simply by enjoying the whimsical story and extraordinarily creative illustrations.

This is a book we guarantee you’ll be reading to your kids again…and again…and again—it’s really that good! And of course you’ll have the added benefit of your kids deciding firmly, after hearing this story, that they do not want to grow up to be another Manny!

Click here to purchase online.

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