NEW RELEASE! Indoor Fishing

You know how little kids are always trying to act big? Going to sleep late like their big sibs, using adult language even if they don’t quite understand what they’re saying, dressing up in their Mommy’s high heels and Tatty’s black hat… I even have a little guy who so badly wants to be seen as a grown-up that he forces himself to eat chopped liver like the adults at the Shabbos table—even though the poor kid can’t stand chopped liver! (Don’t worry, he spits it out when he thinks no one is looking!)

With reading books it’s no different. Every little kid who has seen his big sisters and brothers curled on the couch with a fat chapter book wishes that he, too, could do that. But what’s a first- or second-grader to do if the only books he/she can read are the “baby” books consisting of just one short story?

Now there’s a solution to that problem! M. Jakubowicz’s name has become synonymous with tween/teen short story books (in addition to novels and the many other books she’s written!)—and now, for the first time, she has written a book of short stories for the beginner reader!

In Indoor Fishing and Other Fun-to-Read Stories for Beginning Readers, young readers will meet the Green kids and find themselves part of the adventures of a most entertaining family. The ten “fun-to-read” stories in this book combine engaging plots, highlighted vocabulary words, and delightful illustrations to create a spectacular reading experience for your child!

Click here to purchase online.

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