NEW RELEASE! Life Unwrapped

A class of bright-eyed, sweet young women graduates high school. Standing there on stage, in their matching caps and gowns, their hair carefully blow-dried, and their faces shining with their dreams for their futures (and okay, maybe some make-up, too), it’s hard to think that those futures could be anything but a bed of roses.

But while we daven that no one be visited by tzaros, the fact is that no one has the perfect life.  Everyone has something to contend with—be it a difficult mother-in-law, an unusually colicky baby, financial stresses, or any other problem, whether major or minor. Our job, as believing Jews, is to see the challenges we face in life as opportunities for growth, and through them, to develop into the greatest people we can become.

And we have so many role models to look up to! In Life Unwrapped, a beautifully written book of true stories about real people who struggled with something, but ultimately grew from that struggle, we meet Penina, who was sailing smoothly through life until a terrible car crash, just one week before she was supposed to get engaged, ripped away her mobility and emotional memory; Chayala, who has waited twelve years to find her basherte—only to discover that the road to parenthood will be a long one, too; and many others. We follow each protagonist through her journey and watch as painful decisions are made and heroic deeds done.

And always, always, we emerge uplifted from the saga. Because every one of us has a limitless amount of shining potential. That potential just needs to be unwrapped and brought out—as happened in the amazing stories in Life Unwrapped!

An excellent gift for those who love inspirational true stories!

Click here to purchase online.

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