New Release: Right in Front of Me

Shalom, friends,

I’d imagine that you don’t have to worry about parnassah and about putting food on the table… Sometimes, however, children hear, see, or understand that their home has some financial difficulties. Quietly, in the depths of their hearts, these children have all kinds of scary and unpleasant thoughts. What will happen? Where will Abba and Ima have enough money from? And if they don’t have enough, what will happen then?

I used to have thoughts like that, too…

And so begins the unusual story of Motti Stern and how his family’s break-in actually strengthened his emunah in the fact that Hashem provides each person and each household with all their needs.

That’s only one of the phenomenal stories in Right in Front of MeWait until you read the other 17, too!

Right in Front of Me is the book of true stories seen by kids, written for kids. Your child will find each story to be enthralling, attention-grabbing, as well as thought-provoking.

Trust us: With this book in your home, if the house gets quiet and you haven’t seen your child around in a while—chances are you’ll find him curled up reading Right in Front of Me!

Click here to order online.

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