New Release! The Girl Who Escaped the Convent

Do all boys like scary stories, or is it just my kids?

At every bedtime in our home, it’s a fight between my boys and my daughter—who, mind you, is older than both of them.

“Tell us a scary story!” the boys beg.

“No, no, scary stories give me nightmares!” my daughter protests.

Sometimes we compromise by telling each camp its own story—which, you understand, ain’t all that fun for the sore-throated mother-cum-storyteller.

An even better compromise that we recently hit upon is telling a scary bedtime story that has a super happy ending. Like that, the boys get their scary story, but the story ends so happily, there’s no room for anyone to have any nightmares afterward.

This perfect combination is exactly what we found in The Girl Who Escaped the Convent.

The book is a full-color comics thriller for kids, and it’s a true winner, no matter what taste your kids have. It tells the suspenseful, exciting (or, in boy terminology, plain old “scary”) story of a girl who is kidnapped by a pair of missionaries, and how her devoted uncle devises a plan to help her escape. Along the way, the uncle finds himself in plenty of his own troubles, but holds firm to his bitachon in Hashem and is miraculously saved from each of the dangerous mishaps.

Like I said, a super happy ending!

This is a book sure to become a favorite of both your adventure-loving kids and your softhearted ones, too!

Click here to order online.

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