NEW RELEASE! The Great Shabbos Food Debate

Remember Corduroy, that old classic for kids about a teddy bear that sat anxiously on his shelf in the department store, waiting for someone to come along and buy him? For those who grew up with that bedtime story read to them each night, the concept of store items talking among themselves should not come as any surprise. After all, when you’re a child and you’ve got an awesome imagination, the sky’s the limit—anything at all can happen!

In The Great Shabbos Food Debatea delightful book by children’s entertainer and author Yossi Berktin (a.k.a. Rabbi B.), your kids will listen spellbound as you read of the big debate held by the wine, the challah, the fish, and all the other Shabbos foods, in the grocery store on Shalom Way.  Each food felt it was most important for the Shabbos table.

But then comes the part where the foods—and your avid listeners—learn an important lesson…

This is a book your kids will love—and you will, too! Adorable, very kid-friendly, accompanied by the cutest illustrations…The Great Shabbos Food Debate has all the makings of another children’s classic!

Click here to order online.

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