NEW RELEASE! Daniel and the Lions

I’ve never learned Sefer Daniel, at least not inside. I guess it just wasn’t part of the curriculum of the schools I attended. Of course I’d heard the famous story about Daniel being saved in the lions’ den. But the details, all the mefarshim on the story…I really didn’t know those.

Until I read Daniel and the Lions, the first book in a brand new series for kids on stories from Tanach. Yes, I know the book is technically for kids, and that while I may wax poetic about how I’m really a kid at heart, let’s face it, I’m a full-fledged adult—but…what can I tell you? This book speaks the language of the heart, and it most definitely spoke to me, and taught me a great deal too!

In this carefully researched book, the story of the incredible miracle which Daniel Hatzaddik experienced is related in full detail, and with the most stunning, lifelike illustrations you’ve ever seen. The time period comes alive, and the events grip you—and remember, this is coming from an adult! Kids, for whom this book is really intended, will be absolutely mesmerized by the story that unfolds with each turn of the page.

If you’re looking to delight a child, while giving him/her the priceless gift of knowing Klal Yisrael’s rich history—you’ll want to buy Daniel and the LionsThis is a book that will pay for itself time and again.

Click here to purchase online.

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