NEW RELEASE! The Humble Giant

It was a scene I’ll always remember. While in Eretz Yisrael on a seminary tour, I went to Bnei Brak for a Shabbos. The girl I’d gone with was distantly related to Rav Wosner, and she suggested that the two of us go over to his home on Friday night to receive a brachah from him.

brachah from such a gadol? What an opportunity! My heart thumping in anticipation, we walked to Rav Wosner’s simple apartment and knocked on the door.

The sight that met my eyes when we were welcomed in is too special and touching to put into words, but I’ll try. Rav Wosner had just returned from shul. He looked resplendent in his shtreimel, his face glowing with an other-worldly shine. His children and grandchildren—many of whom, apparently, came over every Friday night just for this purpose—were lined up respectfully before him, and he gave each one a warm brachah, stopping to add a few words, a loving smile, a gentle pat, before turning to the next one on line.

This went on for a long few minutes, while my friend and I just stood there and stared. The holiness in that little room was so blatant, it was mesmerizing! Of course we received our brachos from the tzaddik, too, and we left the house on a high, feeling incredibly moved and uplifted.

Of course, those who knew Rav Wosner on a personal basis would tell you that this glimpse of greatness that I caught on that Friday night is just a drop in the bucket of the persona Rav Wosner was. Hundreds of beautiful and incredible stories have been told about him, his hasmadah, his love for Torah, his sterling middos.

In The Humble Giant, we attempt to give children a peek into this gadol’s life, with 25 amazing stories about Rav Wosner. Show your children what a true Torah giant is all about, in this stunning, full-color book!

Click here to purchase online.

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