NEW RELEASE: Supper 1,2,3

Supper 1,2,3

When I was growing up, “supper” meant a balanced meal of a protein, starch, and vegetable, sometimes with a soup, and sometimes even with a dessert, served at 6:00 p.m. in the dining room, with the entire family—my parents included—in attendance.

And really, I didn’t grow up that long ago! (My kids might disagree, but I’m not that old!)

Still, times change at a dizzying pace, especially with the explosion of technology that, instead of freeing up our schedules, actually makes our schedules even more frenetic. And as much as I would love to continue the tradition of a formal suppertime with my own children, I admit that the family-sitting-around-the-table-at-six-each-evening just doesn’t happen too often in my home.

But that’s no reason to give up on the balanced meal component, and so, on a typical weekday afternoon, when the kids come in “staaaarving!” I go racing around in the kitchen, frantically throwing frozen pizza (that counts for a protein and a starch, right?) into the toaster while cutting up veggies for a salad. (Come to think of it, maybe the tomato sauce could be considered a veggie, and then I could skip the salad?) And all the while I’m thinking, There’s gotta be a better way to do this…

Then I saw the new cookbook, Supper 1,2,3, and it was like a breath of fresh air. Wow, an ENTIRE cookbook dedicated to the proteins, starches, and vegetables of a good, balanced supper! When can I get my hands on this?!

No more wracking your brains, trying to think of different ideas for each day (assuming you don’t want to serve frozen pizza every day, that is). This cookbook has done all the work for you! It contains hundreds of recipes of delicious proteins, starches, and vegetables that you can serve for dinner each day, with the recipe pages actually cut into these 3 sections so you can easily flip back and forth and mix and match them up however you like. And the recipes are nearly all easy and quick, using common ingredients that you likely already have in your house—2 more  big pluses. All that’s left for you to do is the actual cooking! (Not that that’s easy, either, but still….)

I’m looking forward to upgrading my daily suppers with this cookbook—I really am!
How about you?

Click here to purchase online.



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