NEW RELEASE: Hide & Seek

LA195Hide & Seek

When you have one kid reading a book over another kid’s shoulder, because Kid 1 simply cannot wait for Kid 2 to finish the book before reading it herself…you know you have a GREAT book on your hands.

When a book can so thoroughly entertain a bunch of bored tweens on a long winter’s evening, that you hardly hear anything from them for hours on end…you know there’s something extra special about the book.

When this book becomes THE talked-about subject among said tweens and their friends for the next few days…you know you’ve got to let the public know about this amazing product!

Folks, let me introduce you to Hide & Seek, a novel for teens and tweens by popular author Brachah Rosman. Here’s a book that’s got every element that kids love in it: suspense, adventure, scariness, unexpected plot twists, and finally, a happy ending. Of course, the book has lots of wonderful, Torah-true messages woven through it as well—but those sink into the readers’ minds subconsciously, without the readers even realizing it, as they are too busy trying to figure out what will happen next to pay close attention to anything else.

So, if you’re looking to give your child (or yourself—we’ve gotten so much enthusiastic feedback about this book from adults, too!) a really fantastic gift, go ahead and buy a copy of Hide & Seek. Trust me, this is a purchase you won’t regret.

Click here to purchase online.

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