NEW RELEASE: Me First Manny


Me First Manny

Observe any preschool class (and often older classes as well…) during “line-up,” and you’ll see the same thing: kids running to be FIRST on line. What is it about being FIRST that’s so great?? I guess you’d have to be a kid to answer that question… But as adults, what we do know is that this “I’m first!” business often gets out of hand. I mean, what about those poor kids who happen to sit at the back of the classroom and can’t race to the front as fast as their other classmates? Are they doomed to always go to recess/get their snack/leave the room last? Not to mention the arguments these “I’m first!” kids always seem to engender with each other (because, after all, how many “I’m first!” kids can actually be the first?!)…

If you’re one of the many exasperated parents or teachers out there who are looking for a solution to this problem, look no further than Me First Manny, an absolutely adorable children’s book by Sari Grunwald and Shuli Marmorstein. Following the smashing success of their first book, Manny in a Pickle, this author/illustrator duo set out to create a book that would show kids just how ridiculous it is to always insist on being first for everything. In Me First Manny, the beloved Manny character takes his “Me-First” tendency a bit TOO far…to the amusement and delight of all readers of this book!

Kids will love reading this book and poring over the detailed illustrations, over and over again, and best of all, the message that, “It’s NOT the worst, if you are in the middle, and someone else is first” will really resonate with them. Hopefully, you’ll begin seeing the positive results of that quite soon!

Click here to purchase online.


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