“Endless” Story – A Kick in the Jungle

June 9, 2010

by Kobi Levy

Avi Golan was your typical secular moshavnik, raised in the lap of luxury on an affluent moshav surrounded by verdant citrus orchards. Avi and his brother Moshe, one year his junior, were the only two children of their enterprising parents, whose business interests extended far beyond their farmstead on the moshav.

Avi was twenty-three years old. He had completed his army service two years earlier, and was now bored to tears with his life. He had already satiated his curiosity of Israel’s natural wonders by touring and hiking the entire length and breadth of Israel, and now he decided to set his sights abroad, like practically every other Israeli young adult. Avi wanted to travel to remote locations in Asia, Africa, or even South America—and he wanted to take his younger brother Moshe along, too. After consulting with professional hikers and tour guides from all over the world, Avi and Moshe settled on a trip to the jungles of Africa. This was going to be the trip of a lifetime!

Two days before the two brothers took off for Africa, Avi spent an evening out with some of his old army buddies. Yossi Pelach, from south Tel Aviv, who had been the army division’s cook, also joined. But he was no longer the same Yossi; now his face was framed by a neat beard, and a large knitted yarmulke, embroidered with “Na, Nach, Nachma, Nachman” in blue thread, adorned his head.

As the evening progressed, the conversation turned to the meaning of the mystical words embroidered on Yossi’s yarmulke, and, as could be expected, the “discussion” soon evolved into a bashing of the “brainwashing that the Chareidim and rabbanim do to innocent guys, who then become baalei teshuvah“. Yossi was left alone to contend with Yigal from Kfar Shmaryahu, Baruch from Ramat Gan, Itzik the kibbutznik, and Avi. Truth to be told, Yossi didn’t have much ammunition with which to return the others’ fire. He had only become a baal teshuvah half a year earlier, and his knowledge of Torah and mitzvos was still rather scant.

Then, at a certain point during the conversation, Avi suddenly launched into a diatribe against G-d and rabbanim, using language unfit to be printed on paper. Yossi felt like he would explode with fury and was on the verge of a most unseemly reaction. To preclude any physical confrontations, he picked himself up and bid his friends a good night. Keep Reading…


June 9, 2010



May the best man/woman/boy/girl win!

Here’s how it works:

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4)      Be creative! All sorts of endings – whether humorous, serious, as close as possible to what you think the real ending is, or as far away as possible! – all will be read and considered by our panel of judges. (Please, no off-color or improper responses.)

5)      The best entry will be announced and will win a free book or books from our website, up to a $50 value! Oh, and we’ll show you the real ending of the story, as well….

Heroes of Spirit and Super Social Skills Now Back in Print!!

June 7, 2010

If you’re one of the many who have been searching the bookstores for a copy of Heroes of Spirit or Super Social Skills, only to be told that both have been completely sold out, you’ll be glad to know that these books are now back in print and are once again available for your reading pleasure!

With its dozens of Holocaust stories of our gedolim, each bringing out the strength and spirit of a Torah leader or great person during one of the darkest eras of our nation, Heroes of Spirit makes a great read during the Three Weeks and Tishah B’Av, or at any time.


Super Social Skills has made grand waves in the children’s literature market, as it entertains young readers while teaching them valuable social skills at the same time.

Now you can see for yourself why these books became instant bestsellers! We’ve restocked the bookstore shelves with them for you—go on and check them out before it’s too late!

Divided Attention – Chapter 4

June 3, 2010

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 4 of a new online serial novel, Divided Attention, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every Thursday or Friday.    Click  here for previous chapters.

Copyright © 2010 by Israel Bookshop Publications

It didn’t take too long to finish the two questions assigned for social studies homework; even sharpening the pencil had taken longer. Ariella closed her notebook and Nava Cohen stood up.

“Are you going now?” Ariella asked, gazing adoringly at the person she had come to think of as “Wednesday’s girl”. Every day since Ariella’s mother had contracted mono, high school girls came to straighten up the house, prepare supper, and help the children with their homework. Ariella liked all of them, but she especially loved Nava. Nava played with her and her siblings, washed the dishes with lightening speed, cut up a colorful vegetable salad, and dressed the younger children in pajamas.

“Yes, sweetie, I’m going,” Nava confirmed.

The other children gathered around them. “Can we make noise now that Ariella’s finished her homework?” Elazar asked. “Can I blow the whistle that Devoiry gave me yesterday?”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Nava said, smiling at the six-year-old. “Moishy might wake up.”

“And so might Ima!” Ariella said as she slid her notebook into her briefcase. “Abba said that whoever tries not to make noise gets a mitzvah! Right, Nava?” Keep reading…


June 2, 2010

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June 2, 2010

She couldn’t understand what was happening to her. She had just given birth to a healthy baby, and everything was doing great. She had so much to be grateful for, so much to be happy about—so why was she feeling the exact opposite of grateful and happy?

And so begins Shoshanah Kagan’s true account of her experience with Postpartum Depression…

Coming next week, Shoshanah Kagan’s book, Waves of Blue, is sure to fill a very essential role in our community. Postpartum Depression is a serious condition, and one which can affect any new mother. It is not “just another case of ‘Baby Blues’,” and it is certainly not something to be swept under the rug and left untreated, whether due to fear or lack of knowledge. That is why we expect Waves of Blue, which honestly and accurately chronicles one woman’s experience with PPD, to make such an impact on the frum community.

Shoshanah was your typical frum young wife and mother when she began experiencing the terrifying symptoms of PPD. At first she was in denial of them; then the guilt and shame kicked in. But once she and her husband learned to accept her condition and work with it, she knew she had taken the first step towards the road to blessed recovery.

And recover she did! As you read this eye-opening book, you will find yourself connecting to Shoshanah, as she rides the waves of a journey she did not ever intend or want to be on—but was to eventually see the good in, as she grew from the experience. You will relate to her, cry with her, and—most importantly—learn and grow with her from her experience.

Waves of Blue is mandatory reading for all women of childbearing age, their husbands, parents, and in-laws. It is also highly recommended for rabbis, doctors, and whoever may be in contact with a postpartum woman.”

— Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

“…This book is a critical contribution for the Torah world on the topic of the postpartum experience… This book will certainly be a tremendous source of comfort to those mothers and their families who currently suffer in silence…”

—Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser

50% off Peace in Your Palace

June 1, 2010

Lace, tulle, or satin on the gown? Farberware or Calphalon pots? A Shevy or a Kiki wig? A basement apartment (you have your own washer and dryer) or an apartment in a building (you have a built-in social life)? These are the decisions and subjects on the mind of a happy kallah.

Okay, so those are not the only topics on her mind. Hopefully, in addition to all the fun (and exhausting!) materialistic preparations for her upcoming wedding, she’s preparing spiritually for married life, too. And with Peace in Your Palace on her night table, she’s sure to begin her new marriage on the right foot.

Peace in Your Palace is the English translation of the best-selling Shalvah B’armenosayich, which has had several re-printings, in addition to being translated into Yiddish, too. It is the book containing the blueprints for how to build the most magnificent edifice—your very own bayis ne’eman b’Yisrael. Chock-full with real-life stories, wisdom and sayings of our Torah leaders, and practical advice for the Jewish wife, this book will enhance any marriage.

The book is available here for special 50% discount until June 11th.

Here’s a short excerpt:

Protecting Yourself

As the Chafetz Chaim noted, a person should never speak negatively about himself. Even within your own home, not every mistake or failure needs to be reported. Sometimes it’s best to keep those minor errors to yourself.

The newlyweds were leisurely opening their wedding presents in their new apartment. Shoshana carefully put the pretty set of dishes away in a kitchen cupboard. She couldn’t wait to use them at their first home-cooked meal.

To her dismay, as she was washing the dishes the following night, a plate slipped out of her hands and crashed against the bottom of the sink. Shoshana picked it up quickly, but it was too late—three ugly, jagged pieces were all that remained of the plate. Keep Reading…