Great Elul Reading! From the Mashgiach’s Heart

L562Growth. It’s something we should all be striving for. No matter what age or what level we’re at, as frum Jews we know that there’s no such thing as having achieved it all.

That’s why From the Mashgiach’s Heart is such an important addition to any Jewish family’s bookshelf or library. Here is a book that practically takes you by the hand and propels you forward in your path to spiritual growth.  The book is a collection of over thirty shmuessen given by Rav Moshe Aharon Stern zt”l, renowned mashgiach of Kamenitz Yeshivah in Yerushalayim. These shmeussen were delivered to a wide variety of audiences, including kollel yungeleit, ba’alei batim, yeshivah bachurim, seminary girls, and housewives.

Those who have heard Rav Moshe Aharon Stern’s shmeussen before will immediately recognize his “voice” in these pages. It comes through with all of the Mashgiach’s passion and fervor, emanating straight from his great heart…and thus finding immediate entry into your own heart, as well.

Click here to purchase online.

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