RECENT RELEASE! A Fragile Thread

L723Ever try keeping a big secret for a day? A month? A year? A few decades? It takes a lot of energy to keep up your guard. And it’s plain old hard to pull around all that extra mental weight. As a counselor I’m used to being a keeper of secrets, but it’s much more difficult to keep my own, especially when curious bystanders or doting relatives question why I am doing (or not doing) this, that or the other. Believe me, there are good reasons why I cringe at the scent of freshly-cut grass, avoid buying the last package of anything at the store and rarely send photographs to certain relatives and friends.

The Mendelsons look like a typical, happy family, but beneath the surface, everyone is struggling. Zahava is engaged in a toxic competition with her co-worker and is also suffering from secondary infertility. Teenage Shani is desperate to be unique, Nussy has a secret dream that is calling his entire life direction into question, Chaim has a secret job, and Mr. and Mrs. Mendelson are keeping the most shocking secret of all.

In classic Yael Mermelstein fashion, you are invited on a journey of the heart- to explore and illuminate fragile family relationships. But don’t expect me to spill the beans. Read A Fragile Thread for yourself. Hear the Mendelsons’ secrets, think about your own, and just maybe, consider which things really should have been out in the open in the first place.

Guest Blogger: Sara Miriam Gross

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