NEW RELEASE! I’m Hashem’s Messenger

“Please talk quietly in the hall—we want to make a kiddush Hashem!”

“Remember not to act wild—it’s important that we make a kiddush Hashem!”

We tell our kids statements like these all the time—it’s always on our lips that they should “make a kiddush Hashem” when they’re out in public.

Now your job just got easier—because there’s a new book you can read to your children on this very subject! I’m Hashem’s Messenger explains, through rhymes, repetition, and of course adorable illustrations, that there’s a special way for Jewish children to behave, especially when in public. Whether at the store, at the park, or when entering a building, there are certain things that Yiddishe kinderlach, as “Hashem’s messengers,” should and should not do.

Watch your kids delight in this fun book—and watch the important lessons sink in!

Click here to purchase online.

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