NEW RELEASE! The Funny Things They Say 4

One of my sons has a boy named Tzion (short for Bentzion) in his class. Once I asked him, “What is Tzion’s last name?”

Without missing a beat, my first-grader replied, “Irecha.”

I’m sure you can tell over “funny stories” of your own, from your children. That’s one of the geshmake parts of being a parent—enjoying the non-stop cuteness and adorable sayings of our little ones.

But you know something? Kids themselves get a kick out of their younger siblings (that is, when they’re not giving actual kicks to them…), and there’s nothing a kid likes more than seeing his or her own name in print, too. Which is why The Funny Things They Say is such a beloved series among children.

In these books, real stories, from real kids and their little siblings, are told over by way of comics.  Your kids (and you! Let’s be real here!) will enjoy many hours of giggles and fun, going through one adorable saying after another in these pages.

The Funny Things They Say 4 is the latest book in this wildly popular series. Collect all 4 books today—you’ll absolutely love them!

Click here to purchase online.

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